Thursday, 14 February 2019

First CHYPS of 2019

CHYPS (Youth Group) started off 2019 with an awesome bunch of young people, in school years 7-13.

We played Hovering Bunnies, Protect the President, and some games where we had to 'not follow the crowd' but think about what the right thing to do was. We ended with our God Time, in two groups (intermediate and senior) and a scrumptious supper! Thank you so much to Belinda and Sue for providing such delicious treats!

Thanks also to our new minister Rev Anne Preston, who was such a great sport, joining in all the games (even 'Hovering Bunnies' - "Teeth! Teeth!") and helped with supper.

We also enjoyed the new games - table soccer, pool and air hockey!

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