Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Teeth! Teeth! Teeth!

Last FISH night included games which were all about trying to make someone smile, or show their teeth. Good old favourites and some new games like...

"Zip and Bong"
"If You Love Me Honey Smile"

In these photos, Belinda & Izak are trying desperately not to show their teeth (rather difficult when you are on the verge of uncontrollable laughter), and Liam is trying to get Andrew to crack a smile in "If You Love Me Honey, Smile".

Check out the video clips from our last FISH night. Ping Pong Bulrush and the Dancing Detective Game were great hits! In the Dancing Detective, one person had to try and guess who was leading all the dance moves. There were some very interesting dance steps and the detectives had to have eyes in the back of their head to work out who was the leader.

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