Saturday, 9 April 2016

Photos from FISH

Our first FISH night was held tonight at the Chapel Street Centre. After a BYO takeaway tea we played a variety of games, from mind boggling cryptic puzzles to high energy, highly competitive team games. A highlight for many was 'Hagoo', where teams had to walk the gauntlet, trying to make their opposing team member smile. We also played 'tape tag', 'Hovering Bunnies', and 'Rob the Nest'. Dylan was the "winner" of 'Jaffa on Mount Flour' and had to retrieve a jaffa from a mountain of flour using only his teeth!

Check out the photos (view more by clicking on the link below) and join us at next month's FISH evening, Saturday 14th May 5pm-7pm.

Balloon soccer

What's in the mystery box?


Jaffa on Mountain of Flour Game

Ice cream and chocolate fish for dessert!

click here to see photos

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