Monday, 21 March 2016

What is Palm Sunday?

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday... we heard the start of the Easter story. It began with Jesus riding into  Jerusalem town on a donkey. The crowd waved palm branches and cheered. 

Why did Jesus ride a donkey? A horse would have been better, surely?
Jesus rode a little donkey - a sign he was coming in peace.

What happened to Jesus when he got to Jerusalem?
He taught people, told stories and worked miracles that brought many good things. But some of the things he did upset some of the leaders. They wanted to get rid of him. They told lies to make the Roman governor think Jesus was a rebel and going to make trouble for him.

What happened next?
Jesus was put to death and nailed to a cross of wood. This Friday is the day when we have a quiet service in church to remember the day Jesus died. It is called Good Friday. 

Good Friday? That doesn't sound very good too me...
But on Sunday comes Easter, and there's good news then!

What is Easter Sunday?
After Jesus died, his friends took his body and put it in a tomb (like a cave) and rolled a stone in front of the entrance. On the Sunday, the friends went to say goodbye for the last time. They found the tomb open and the body gone! They saw Jesus alive!

Why do we have Easter Eggs?
Well some people think of eggs as a symbol of new life, to remind us of Jesus being alive... and others think of the egg as a reminder of the rock that was rolled away from the entrance of the cave.

Join us this Easter Sunday
Come along to our family friendly Easter Sunday service of celebration. This Sunday 10am at The Chapel Street Centre - including Awesome Time for children of all ages.

Check out some of the eggs our Awesome Kids decorated last Sunday...

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