Friday, 5 June 2015


This report from last week's Awesome Time comes from Sue... thanks Sue!

WOW!!!  We had a great morning this morning!!!  :-)

FBI - Top Secret

The case - Who did their homework?

Agent in charge - Carol Barron - who delegated Agent Philomena - complete with bullet-proof vest, handcuffs, and gun - to oversee the mission in her absence.

The mission - interrogate suspects (using force if necessary) and gather evidence to find out who has done their homework!

Our Awesome Kids did a fantastic job of locating all of our suspects - even when they tried to escape out the door!!!

The homework?  What is God's spirit saying to you?

We found out from our suspects that God had called ALL of them to do various jobs - some were called into big jobs, like ministry, others had jobs involving their talents, like music, while others were called to help others, spread love, and be the best kinds of people they could be.  The Awesome Kids, when asked to sum up what they had found out, said the one thing they all had in common was that they were called by God - our suspects knew it was God because it felt right in their hearts.

Then we watched a short video clip about Hannah Taylor.  When she was 5 she saw a homeless person in the street.  This worried her.  When she was 6 she decided she had to do something about it, and started trying to raise money to help the homeless.  When she was 8, the ladybug foundation was started, which raises money to help charities that are helping the homeless - $30,000 had already been raised!  Now, Hannah is 19, and the foundation has raised over $3,000,000!

Upstairs, we made some ladybug jars.  Hannah used hers to raise money.  We talked about what we could use ours for..  One of the suggestions was to use it as a lolly jar - and for each lolly we ate, we could give one away.  We also talked about what we could do to help God - maybe we could sit with someone who is alone at school, or invite someone over to play a game with us, or maybe we can just share a smile with someone who looks sad.

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