Sunday, 22 June 2014

How many hairs on your head?

Richard talks 'hair'.

This morning our Awesome Kids learnt 
about the verse in the bible (Matthew 10:30) 
that tells us God knows us so well, 
he even knows exactly how many hairs 
are on our head! Amazing!

Hamish leads the congregation in prayer.

"God, you have counted our every hair,
every wrinkle,
every cell.
And you love us.
Thank you for always being with us
and loving us...
no matter what.

Richard and Jillian showed us how to create wigs from paper - with some fantastic results! Check out the amazing creations in the photos below.

Jill the expert 'wig-maker' and team

Hamish, Izak and Rev Neti model the paper wigs

Rev Neti and Moe try on some of the Awesome Kids' creations!

More wig modelling...
Thank you everyone, for an awesome morning! Now every time we brush our hair (or put on a wig!) we will always remember that God knows everything about us and love us heaps.

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