Meet the team

Rev Anne Preston is our presbyter at Christchurch North Methodist Parish, and since her arrival this year she has leaped into the deep end, first at our Family Camp in February - where she negotiated obstacle courses blindfolded, impressed us with her brilliant dance moves and her skill with a frisbee. Anne has already shown her passion and support for children's and youth ministries - joining in with the crazy games at CHYPS Youth Group (such as Hovering Bunnies), being part of the music and dance at Musikool Kids, and being an Awesome Kid for a morning, chatting with the children while colouring in and doing craft.


Melanie is the Child & Families Ministries Co-ordinator. She is often seen dressed as a clown or pirate, wielding puppets or a ukulele or creating lots of joyful noise and marvellous mess on Sunday mornings.


Richard is our 'Master of Games'. He is most famous for his shark game with the parachute, and for leading unexpected treasure hunts. He is also our annual Camp Water-Slide Chief of Operations.


Jillian has a great sense of humour, an infectious giggle and is brilliant at reading stories and coming up with new and creative crafts and activities.


Dave is an awesome bugle player, and enjoys sharing his love of music and technological talents with the kids. He frequently uses science experiments and technology to help us understand stories from the bible.


Heather is married to an awesome bugle player, is a great story-time leader, and actor. She can produce a platter of cookies from thin air and loves to spoil kids rotten.


Sue's many years of experience as a Guide Leader and artistic talents, make her our resident Craft Expert. When Sue's on duty, a sticky mess of paint, glitter and glue is almost certainly guaranteed!


Merilyn is part of the Musikool Kids' Leadership Team, and is also one of our Sunday morning Awesome Leaders. Her delicious gingerbread people are an absolute favourite - helping kids ice and decorate biscuits is her speciality.


Carol is full of fun, forever smiling, and when she's not smiling she's laughing! She always comes up with creative ideas to bring God's message to kids.


Monica is the leader of AbsolUKE and when she's not teaching ukulele she is playing lead guitar or bass in the Chapel Street Band, or piano in Smith & Co. She loves music, writing, art and running.


Roslind is our amazing lead vocalist in Smith & Co. and a huge part of the Chapel Street Band too. Roslind is one of our leaders in our Awesome Kids' programme.

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